How to Level an R.V.- READ THIS FIRST!!!

Learning how to level an R.V.( travel trailer or 5th wheel )is not that difficult with a little preparation, thought and common sense. It’s just as easy or even easier than setting up a Coleman Instant Tent!!!!

how to tow an r.v.

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Unless your forced to park in a really steep camp spot because that’s the only spot left, you just need the basics to get your RV level.

If you just acquired your RV, first make sure you have at least two levels mounted on the RV. One preferably on the front, for side to side leveling. And one on the side, for front to rear leveling.

How to level an R.V.

Let's get started-How to level an R.V.

Step one on how to level an R.V.-

Park your RV on a surface that you know is level,

  • driveway
  • street
  • parking lot

Get yourself a contractors level, I used a three foot level, and make sure your RV is as close to being perfectly level as possible. Do this by placing the three foot level along the floor of your RV, size permitting, and also check your counter tops.

How to Level an R.V.

Level above the 5th wheel neck

The final check is to make sure your RV refrigerator is level. You can do this by using a round bubble level, or a  small straight one will work.

Place the level on the shelf inside the fridge, or you can check it by placing the level across the top edge of the fridge door. If need be, adjust the level of your RV to accommodate your refrigerator.

Once this is all done and the RV is level your ready to mount the levels onto your RV. The self stickums are okay for a few years, I also put small screws in to help hold the levels in place.

how to level an r.v.

Blocks that we use for leveling our trailer and chocking the wheels.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to get some leveling blocks and some wheel chocks. Wal Mart, R.V. stores or a sporting goods store will have RV leveling blocks and wheel chocks.

I still carry wood 4×4 blocks for wheel chocks, and 2×8 boards cut to length for placing under the tires to help level the RV if necessary. Having extras just in case is a big help sometimes.

OK, check list on how to level an R.V:

  • You made sure your RV was in a level spot, leveled it, and mounted your levels in the appropriate places.
  • You have:
  • Leveling blocks
  • Wheel chocks

    how to level an r.v.

    Side mounted level-How to level an R.V

  • 4x4x8″(approx.)wood blocks
  • 2×8″ assorted length boards

OK, load the rest of your camp gear and lets go!

Pick a spot that’s reasonably level as possible, but is still in a place you want to be. Get backed into the camp spot and position the RV where you want it. Check your front side to side level.

The stack able wheel blocks will raise the RV approximately  1 to 1  1/2  inch per section piece. Use your boards if necessary. That done, make sure your RV tires are securely chocked.

Unhook your RV and check your side level for the front to rear level. Do this with the tong jack on your travel trailer, or the landing gear if you have a 5th wheel trailer.

How to level an R.V.

and the wife is Happy!!!

Once you have it positioned satisfactorily,(and the wife is happy), use the scissor jacks and any necessary wood blocks placed under the scissor jacks foot plate to stabilize the RV.

That done, hook up any connections, if needed,

  • water
  • power
  • sewer
How to Level an R.V.

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WOW……..looks like we’re ready to go fishin’…..

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How to Level an R.V.

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